Porn by a Chick
Tuesday, October 12, 2004
  Tie me up. Tie me down. Dominate me with your body, your will, your actions, your self.

Make me focus entirely on your actions. Overwhelm me with sensations.

Bite my neck, stroke my sides, lightly tease my clit with one wet finger.

Make me strain to meet your touch; make me beg you to stop.

I want to swear, I want to moan, I want to scream your name.

I want you above me, around me, inside me.

I want to think of this night for days to come -- and get wet every time I do.

Are you interested? 
Monday, April 12, 2004
  I want you to push me up against a wall, and hold my arms above my head.

Press my wrists into the wall, and make me wince a little. Press yourself against me, and let me feel you hard against me.

I want your mouth on mine, your tongue in my mouth and toying with mine.

I want to feel your hands on the back of my head, holding me in place for your kiss.

I want you to drag your nails up my thigh, and wrap my leg around your hip while you press yourself against me.

Trace your fingers up my thigh until they're right at the edge of my underwear. Run your fingers ever so lightly over my underwear, then stop.

Pull open my shirt, and run your hand up my stomach to my breasts. Trace the outside edges lightly, make me shiver. Kiss and bite my neck -- hard. Suck my neck, hard. Right across the tendon, or right where my neck meets my shoulder. Suck hard, leave a mark, scrape the edges of your teeth over my neck... make me crazy.

Cup my breasts in your hands, but don't touch my nipples... yet. Make sure that I don't touch you, no matter how much I try or want to -- cuff my hands and hook them above my head, if need be. Better yet, do so, even if it's not entirely necessary.

Keep teasing me, driving me crazy, but still giving me some of what I want. Run your fingers over my tightened nipples, trace the very edges of my pussy lips, rake your nails across my body... give me some, but not all.

Eventually, gradually, quickly, I'll tire of the teasing and need more. Give me your tongue flicking across my nipples, your finger shallowly penetrating me, rubbing my wetness over my clit and lips. Stroke my clit gently while you tease my lips with your finger, barely inside of me, just there. I promise, I'll be going crazy.

Keep up all of the sensations, keep stroking my clit lightly and delicately and focusing on just the smooth slide back and forth and soon enough, I'll explode.

This is when it gets even more fun.

This is when you get to decide if you want me to please you, or if you want to continue to tease and please me. At this point, both would work almost equally well.

Come back and kiss me. Unhook my hands and let me grab your head and hold you to me. All thrusting tongue and moaning and renewed passion. As great as that was, I still want more.

Sit down for a bit, let me kiss and bite your neck and ears. Let me make you moan and hear you pant.

Let me play with your nipples and feel your hands in my hair.

Now stand up. I want to suck you.

Me, on my knees, my hands still cuffed together. I want to tease you the way you were teasing me, but my patience just isn't what it could be. I can tell yours isn't either... which means that I'm going to draw this out as long as I can, if for nothing more than revenge.

I run my hands along your thighs and feel the muscles flex as you adjust your weight. I run my nails lightly up the inside of your thigh and listen to your breath hiss. Your hands are on my head, not pushing, but I can tell what you want. If I couldn't read your body language, the cock standing right in front of my eyes would be hint enough.

I start the way I like to start, by lightly tonguing your balls. I play with the loose skin, and run my tongue all over them, returning to the areas that make you moan before taking them, one at a time, into my mouth. Once I've tired of this, I kiss your thighs and the beautiful tight skin on your lower abdomen before gradually turning my attention to your cock.

I tongue your head quickly and listen to you moan. I run my tongue in one slow, long slide up the underside of your cock, and bring my hand up to hold you in place. I keep licking you with long, slow strokes until your entire cock is nicely slick from my mouth.

Then I make a tight circle of my mouth and slide your cock into my mouth and throat, as far as I can go, with one long, tight smooth stroke. Your breath explodes from your throat, I hear you moan so loudly, and your hands tighten almost painfully in my hair.

I keep sucking you, speeding up to the tempo you like, and your hips are thrusting against my mouth and you're moaning and groaning and telling me how good it feels and how much you love the feel of my mouth on you. I keep this up for a few minutes, until we both decide it's time, and you pull me off your cock and up.

We kiss passionately for a few minutes, teeth hitting one another, tongues fighting, jaws working, before you stop. You pull back to look at me as you reach between my legs and slide one finger deep inside of me. I'm wet from coming and from sucking you, and tight, so very tight from being so turned on. You immediately start playing with my g-spot, hard, just the way I like it, and my eyes roll back in my head and my eyelids close, and my body seems to soften and tighten all at once, and I'm moaning and panting and desperate.

You keep this up for a minute or two, even as I try to open my eyes or ask you to stop or even just lie down. You slide your finger out of me and I open my eyes in time for you to spin me around and bend me over the bed. I spread my legs and feel the head of your cock against my wet, ready pussy, and you work yourself inside of me, agonizingly slowly. Almost immediately I can feel myself on the edge of an orgasm, and from the way I'm moaning you can tell.

I'm standing before you, bent over the bed, my legs spread nice and wide, and I want your cock more than anything right now.

Fuck me, hard. I want to scream. 
Sunday, September 28, 2003
  When I think about you, I think about sex.

I think about tying you with your hands above your head, standing up against the wall. I think about teasing your lips with my tongue and my lips, breathing warm air across your mouth and nibbling with my lips, but not quite kissing you.

You grow hungry for the press of my lips against yours, and I can feel your nipples pressing insistently against me, but I deny you.

Your pussy gets wet and heats up, and your clit begins to tingle for the feel of my adept fingers and tongue, but I deny you.

Instead, I spend time tracing my fingers over your chest, feeling the curves of your breasts against my hands. I enjoy the feel of your warm skin, your smooth lines.

I savour the thought of your gasps and moans when I finally do bring you the release you crave, your body straining against the bonds I've placed you under, your body straining for the feel of my warm flesh against yours.

I trace the tip of my finger across the bow of your lips, and your tongue darts out to lick it. I exert just a little bit of pressure against your jaw to open your mouth, and I press my lips to you and slide my tongue deep into your mouth to toy with yours.

We groan in unison as our tongues begin to slide against each other, and your hips churn and grind against me. I press more tightly against you in response, and our breasts press together. The ache in our nipples is finally appeased slightly, and we both rub back and forth to make the rasp even more pronounced.

Breaking away from your mouth, I reach down to take one protruding nipple into my mouth. I play with the ring you have there, and your head falls back as you moan loudly. I tug gently at the ring with my tongue, eliciting an even louder moan from you.

You spread your legs, wordlessly begging me to touch you. I slide my index finger into your mouth as my mouth continues to work at your nipple, and you greedily suck my finger, sliding your tongue all over it.

I slide my finger out of your mouth and switch my attention to your other nipple. You raise up on your toes and gasp as my tongue lightly teases it.

I take my wet finger down to your wet pussy and ever so lightly stroke your lips. I can feel them all swollen already, just waiting for me to bring you pleasure. You gasp and bring one leg up to hook around my hip and bring me closer to you, as you tilt your hips up to make it easier for me to touch you.

I slowly and gently slide my middle finger into your welcoming cunt, and as always I'm amazed at the heat I find there. It feels so good to have my fingers inside of you, and you obviously love it, too. I can feel your pussy muscles clench my finger as you rock your hips back and forth, asking me to fuck you the way you like.

I abandon both of your nipples and drop to my knees before you. The smell of your wet, aroused pussy has been driving me insane the last little while, and I want nothing more than to taste your come on my lips and tongue.

I slide my finger out of you, and you moan in disappointment, but perk up as you realize what I plan to do. With one slow, long sweep of my tongue, I stroke you from your entrance right to your clit, and at the same time I bury two fingers deep inside of you, pressing hard on your g-spot, the way I know you love it.

Your head falls back once more and you moan loudly, so loudly I'm worried they'll hear us in the other room. I have music on beside us, but it's not going to be enough, I'm sure.

My tongue starts to flick your clit quickly and lightly, as my fingers massage your insides. You turn your head to the side and muffle your moans against your arm, but I can still hear you and it's music to my ears.

My pussy clenches in response to every tug you make on my fingers, and I take my other hand down to play with my clit. I use the same rhythm on me that I do on you, and knowing the same stroke works for both of us is hot.

It doesn't take very long before I can tell you're about to come, and so am I. I lick you a little harder and a little faster, at the same time fucking you a little harder with my fingers. Your juices are running down my fingers and my tongue tries desperately to lap up as many of them as I possibly can. You always taste so delicious when you come.

Finally, with a little shriek in the back of your throat, your pussy clenches hard around my fingers, and it's enough to get me off as well. I muffle my moans and gasps in your hot, wet pussy, and slow my fingers down to just barely stimulating you. I use my tongue to stroke your clit and lips lightly, trying to get as much sensation out of you as possible until we both decide we've had enough.

I stand up and kiss you deeply, releasing your hands from their bonds as I do so. You wrap your arms around me tightly and squeeze, kissing me back. You can taste your come on my mouth, and it's enough to get you excited again, thinking of what you'd like to do to me as payback.

As you take me by the hand and lead me over to the bed, I think to myself that this has got to be the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon... although leaving for work is going to be awfully difficult. 
Monday, September 22, 2003
  I think about you constantly. I think about how it feels to touch the hot, smooth skin of your cock, and how I love to feel it against my hands, my thighs, my stomach, my face, my tongue, my lips, my cunt.

The idea of your hard cock, lightly brushing against my wet pussy, just teasing my clit and lips with your head... it drives me wild.

I want to be tied down to the bed, spread-eagled, while you brush my tits with your fingers, avoiding my nipples. They're as hard as they can get, begging for your attention, and everytime you touch my chest, my back arches. I'm whimpering with need, hoping to feel you touch me, but you ignore my poor nipples. They ache with need and with wanting, but still you ignore them.

Your fingers trail down my sides, and I wiggle somewhat as you tickle me. A wicked gleam enters yours eyes, and I pout. You decide to move on to more interesting ventures.

Your fingers continue to trail south, and the muscles in my stomach twitch and jump as you pass over them. My thighs spread as wide as they can against my bonds, and my hips raise to meet your featherlight touch. My pussy is wet in anticipation of your touch, and you have yet to actually touch any of my hot spots.

You trace your fingers over the insides of my thighs, and the muscles there are actually shaking, I'm trying so
desperately to reach you.

You lean down and take my right nipple into your mouth, sucking hard. I gasp and arch hard up off the bed, trying to press as much of me into your mouth as I can. While I'm thus occupied, you slide two fingers deep into my pussy, pressing up hard on my g-spot.

I feel my body simultaneously melt and tense up as my pussy squeezes your massaging fingers. I'm so turned on that it takes you barely any time at all to get me to start the waves of orgasms. Your mouth moves from my nipple to my clit, tonguing it quickly and directly as your fingers continue to rub circles inside of me.

I can feel my clit pulsing and tingling at the same time as my pussy throbs and clenches. Suddenly, I come with a scream. Your fingers continue to massage and thrust into me as I come around your hand and against your mouth.  
Friday, September 05, 2003
  I showed up at his door, dressed in a vinyl halter top, my black garter belt and fishnet stockings, high heels and a short leather skirt. Underneath the skirt was my smallest black g-string, barely covering my freshly shaven lips. By the time I got to his door, they were already drenched in anticipation.

When he opened the door, I smiled my sexiest, most mischief-filled smile at him, and dangled my leather restraints from one finger. "I believe you said you needed these tonight?" I said, stepping past him into the room.

He didn't say anything as I entered, merely followed my hips and ass in the skirt as I sashayed past him. The hotel room was fairly spartan, but comfortable; the king-sized bed and four posters were exactly what I'd hoped for.

I turned around to face him, and caught his eyes still focused on my ass. "Eyes up," I said gently, as I strode over to him. "I need your full attention for what I'm going to do tonight."

I placed the wrist restraints and my bag of tricks on the bed, then stepped within touching distance of him. His hands came up to rest on my hips, and he lowered his head to kiss me hello, but I put one finger on his lips. "Uh uh," I said, "I'm afraid I'm running the show tonight."

"But I thought I was going to have the chance to tie you up and spank you?" he questioned, and my pussy clenched in response. I desperately wanted what he was suggestiing -- and more -- but tonight I was in a dominating kind of mood and he was simply going to have to wait to torture and please me.

"There's been a slight change of plans," I said. "Are you really going to deny me?"

Grinning, he backed towards the bed and sat down, holding his wrists out to me. "No ma'am," he said, "I'm all yours."

"Good," I said. "Then removed your clothing and buckle those on your wrists. You're perfectly capable of doing it yourself."

He did as I commanded, fastening the leather cuffs snugly about both of his wrists. As he was finishing with the buckles, I pulled a chair over near the bed and gestured for him to sit in it. Once he was settled, I bound each of his wrists to the arms of the chair, then bound his ankles to the front two legs. By the time I'd finished, a clear drop of precum had already leaked out onto the head of his cock and sat there, begging for attention.

I couldn't resist; I licked it up, looking up into his eyes as my tongue curled back into my mouth. He groaned, and leaned down as if to kiss me, but was brought up short by his restraint. Looking at me, he pouted, pushing his luscious bottom lip out as his eyes pleaded with me for some sort of attention.

I leaned over him and licked his pouting lip as my breasts brushed lightly against his chest. Even through the vinyl top I could feel my nipples tighten and harden; the thought of what was to come yet made them tingle and I brought my right hand to my chest to toy lightly against their stiff tips.

I scratched my nail lightly over one nipple and used my other hand to do the same to one of his; he moaned, his eyes following my hands on both of our chests.

Abandoning myself for a bit, I leaned down to slide my tongue over the whirls of his ear. He tipped his head to the other side to grant me better access, and I took full advantage of it, my tongue darting in and over all the sensitive parts of his ear that I knew so well. He groaned loudly as I slid my tongue deep inside his ear, then panted when I nibbled my way down his neck towards his shoulders.

I repeated my actions on the other side, and ran the tips of my fingers over his chest and abdomen, muscles twitching everytime I passed my hands over them. I dug my nails in lightly, just to see them contract again, then kneeled down and pressed light kisses to his lower abs.

His cock swayed and bobbed right beside my face, but I ignored it for now. Occasionally it would brush my cheek or my hair, but I continued kissing and licking his abs, getting as close as I could to the base of his cock without actually touching it. My fingers ran over his chest and toyed with his nipples, feeling them bead and grow hard.

I stood back up slightly and pushed him back in the chair so I could have better access to his chest. I went directly for one of his nipples, the flat of my tongue rubbing it somewhat roughly. He arched his back to bring his chest in closer contact with my mouth, and I obliged, sucking harder on the nipple I had in my mouth while I ran my fingers down his abs, teasing him with the thought of them finally wrapped around his cock.

After a few minutes, I switched my attention to his other nipple, repeating the hard sucking that he'd enjoyed so much the first time. My fingers continued to tease him, and I could feel his hips grinding and raising in an attempt to get me to touch him. He even started flexing his muscles, bobbing his cock back and forth, the shaft of it brushing my arm.

Still, I refused to give him the attention he wanted.

I knelt down in front of him, and pulled him even more forward in the chair. The bindings at his wrists and ankles kept him from slouching completely, but he was still able to slide down enough so that almost his entire behind dangled into space. I spread his thighs as wide as I could, then ran my nails down their insides.

Starting at his knees, I began to kiss and lick my way up the inside of one of his thighs. I could see more precum glistening on the head of his cock, just tempting me for later. Once I'd reached the sensitive skin of his uppermost inner thigh, I started over at his other knee, kissing and licking even more slowly. I stopped here and there to scrape my teeth over his thigh, and even once sucked hard enough to leave a mark, not that he noticed; his head was tilted back and his eyes were slitted as he watched my mouth work its magic.

"Please, don't stop," he begged me as I got closer to his straining cock the second time. "I need to feel your mouth on me now," he insisted.

Taking pity on him, I relented. I grasped the base of his cock in my hand to keep him steady, and this alone to make him groan. "I love the way your hand feels on me," he said -- and this was before I was doing anything.

"Just wait," I said, smiling, before I licked the underside of his cock in one smooth stroke, from base to tip. I repeated the action on both sides and then the top, holding his cock bent down slightly to accomodate my mouth. Once he was sufficiently wet, I started slowly stroking him with my hand, setting up a slow, teasing pace.

He whimpered slightly, and I knew it was because he desperately wanted to feel my mouth on him, not just my hand. "Patience, my pet, " I said, "You'll get everything eventually."

"I know, but I want it now," he said. "Your mouth feels amazing on my cock. I think about how good it feels all the time."

"Oh?" I said. "Like this?" And with those words, I took as much of his cock as I could into my mouth and closed my lips tightly around him.

"Oh God!" he shouted, as every muscle clenched in response. "Oh God, just like that. Fuck your mouth is incredible." I could feel his arms pulling as he tried his damndest to hold onto my head to direct it.

I sucked his cock in long, smooth, slow strokes. He was panting and groaning, raising his hips as best as he could in an attempt to force me to speed up or take more of him into my mouth. However, as I was running the show, there would be no such thing.

Sliding his cock out of my mouth with a light pop, I let it swing back to rest against his abdomen. He raised his head and looked at me, his eyes full of disbelief. "Why'd you stop?" he asked me, slightly panicked.

"I was getting all wet and decided I should do something about it," I said, raising my skirt above my hips as I sat on the bed behind me. "I think I want to come now."

"Can I get you off?" he asked me, leaning forward hopefully.

"Not this time," I said. "This time, you watch." And with those words, I undid my top and let it slide off to rest around my waist. As they'd been more or less from the very beginning, my nipples were hard and tingling from the lack of attention they'd received. They seemed extra-sensitive to the touch as I trailed my fingers over them, and I couldn't help but let a little moan escape as my fingers came into contact with them.

"I so want to taste your nipples," he said, staring hungrily at my breasts.

I decided to take pity on him, seeing as he hadn't yet had the chance to touch me, and I loved the way his mouth felt on my tits. I stood and walked the two steps it took to bring my breasts in range of his mouth.

Leaning forward as far as he could, he began sucking immediately on my nipple, and I brought my hands up to cup his head. As always, his mouth felt incredible and I could feel my pussy clench and throb at the sensations he was evoking. After a few minutes had passed, he moved his head to lavish the same attention on my othe nipple, and it was all I could do to back away and continue my so-called seduction.

My nipples shone with his saliva, and I could feel them tighten even further as the air hit them. Holding his gaze, I once more backed toward the bed and settled down, half-sitting and half-lying right before him.

I brought one leg up onto the bed and kept it bent, the other still dangling toward the floor. In this pose, I was totally open to his gaze and I had never felt more incredibly sexy and vulnerable and hot all at once. I just wanted to sit like that and enjoy the mental stimulation before feeling his hands and mouth all over my pussy.

But alas, it was up to me to continue, unaided. I looked into his eyes as I slowly and methodically sucked my index finger and then my middle finger, getting them both as wet as I possibly could, before sliding my hand down my body towards my wet pussy.

I slid my hand as lightly as I could across my pussy, enjoying the feeling of all the nerve endings waking in the wake of my hand's path. I played with my inner lips for a moment or two, running the very tips of my fingers across their edges before sliding my middle finger inside of me as deep as I could.

He stared at my hand, panting, as I withdrew my finger, glistening with my own moisture. "I'm so wet," I told him, before I drew my finger across my clit. I bit my lip as the sensations played through me, drugging me. I just wanted to spend all night like that, open before his eyes and feeling the delicious goodness of that build to orgasm.

Unable to resist very long, I started stroking myself rhythmically, and it didn't take very long for me to be right on the very edge. "I'm going to come," I told him, gasping the words out. "Watch my pussy clench for you, and think of how good your cock would feel inside of me right now." As soon as I finished the sentence, I exploded, and he whispered words of encouragement and filth to me as I rode out the pulses.

I rested for a moment before kneeling on the floor and undoing his ankle bindings. I held onto the base of his cock once more with my hand, and this time I immediately started sucking him hard and long. "Oh fuck," he said, as he arched his back hard and threw his head back. "I've never had someone suck me like you can. I just want to feel your mouth on me all day." I kept sucking him in long, smooth strokes, as fast as I could -- just the way I knew he loved it. My tongue played with the underside of his cock and once in awhile I would swivel my head back and forth as I slid his cock as far as I could in my mouth.

After a few minutes of this, I stopped and undid his wrist bindings, but left the cuffs on his wrists. He immediately stood up and pushed me onto my back on the bed. "I want to fuck you so hard," he said, grabbing his cock in one hand as he moved to make good on his words. However, this was still my show.

I sat up and grabbed his hands with mine, tugging him onto the bed beside me. "I don't think so," I said. "I want to feel you fuck me from behind." I got up on my hands and knees and presented my ass to him.

He steadied himself behind me with one hand on my ass, guiding his cock towards my wet entrance. As he started to push slowly into me, he moaned loudly, saying, "God, you're so fucking tight."

I could only moan in response, as I felt him pushing into me, stretching and filling me until he was deep inside of me. I let him rest barely a minute before I pulled forward to start the fucking.

We started slowly at first, but it wasn't long before both of us were simply too close and too horny to allow it to stay teasing. I could feel his hands gripping my hips tightly, his fingers digging into me. I could feel him hitting that perfect spot deep inside of me, and I kept pushing my hips back hard to encourage him to fuck me exactly as he was.

He stepped up the pace a bit, spanking my ass with the flat of his hand as he pounded into me. Occasionally he'd reach under and play with my nipples or my clit, but for the most part both of us were merely concentrating on the fucking going on.

I reached over and grabbed a vibrator out of my bag, switching it on and placing it against my clit. I was still wound up from all the teasing that had been going on, so combined with the feel of him sliding in and out of me, it didn't take very long for me to come again. That served to trigger another orgasm, this one from him fucking me, and my pussy spasmed wildly as I came around his cock.

Everytime he fucked me deeply, I came again, each time louder than the one before. I fully expected the neighbours to pound on the wall, yelling at us to keep it down, but I didn't care. I'd never felt anything more incredible than his cock at that moment, and I never wanted it to end.

The teasing, the feel of me coming around him, the noises I was making and of course, how it all felt, all proved to be too much for him at that moment, and with the announcement "I'm coming," he exploded inside of me. I could feel his cock spasming as he came.

Both of us panting, I slid onto my stomach with him still buried deep inside of me. We spooned like that as our breathing returned to normal, then drifted into a doze for a little while.. before awakening shortly thereafter to do it all again -- but this time, I was the one tied up and teased. 
Wednesday, March 26, 2003
  I leaned towards him to place a kiss on his full lips. I loved the way they felt against mine; soft and firm at the same time. Sometimes I’d break our kiss slightly so that I could take his bottom lip in between my teeth and give it a light nibble or tug; he didn’t seem to mind.

I pressed harder against him as I started to get more excited. I wanted to feel his big hands all over my breasts, playing with my nipples and driving me crazy. I wanted to feel his fingers between my thighs, playing with my clit and more than anything, I wanted to feel him thrusting inside of me.

It’d been awhile since I’d been with anyone; the last guy I’d slept with couldn’t fuck his way out of a paper bag (although he wasn’t too bad with his mouth), so I was more than ready to experience a good pounding.

I find first fucks are always tricky; everyone is different, and what worked on the last guy I slept with wouldn’t do shit for this current one. It’s always a learning experience, and discovering something new about each one is always fantastic. I learn a lot that way, and I remember it and put it to good – okay, very good – use.

Anyhow, where was I? Oh yeah. We were both on the couch and the kissing alone was getting us pretty hot. He kept going to that sweet spot on the side of my neck, right where the tendons are at their most prominent and all the nerve endings stand up to say hello!, and I was going crazy. I was writhing and moaning and pressing up against him, both my breasts and my hips, wanting to feel everything all at once.

He stripped my shirt and my bra off over my head and threw it somewhere behind him; later I found my shirt had made it all the way into the hallway and my bra was hanging off a lampstand in the next room. At the time, I didn’t really care; I gave his shirt the same treatment and got to feel his warm skin against mine.

That first press of skin against skin made us both pause for a moment and sigh. He felt so hot and his skin was just the slightest bit damp, as if he’d run up the stairs in a hurry to see me, and that combined with the light bit of hair spread across his pecs just served to get my nipples even harder than they already had been.

I shifted slightly under him to feel the scrape of nipples against him and he caught on immediately. He moved so that he was lying beside me, and when his tongue slid into my mouth to find and tease mine, his right hand came down to play with my left nipple. Sweet heaven, it felt fantastic. I could feel every tug and light pinch between my legs, and it made me want him all the more. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d felt so hot, and we were both still clothed from the waist down.

Breaking from his mouth for a moment, I whispered, “Shall we move this to someplace more comfortable? I want to make you come.” His answer was to undo the button on my jeans and slide his hand under my thong. I took that as a yes, and though it made my hormones protest, I slid away from his hand and stood up.
“C’mon,” I said, holding my hand out to him, “I need more room to manoeuvre, and you have that beautiful big bed.” He stood up and started kissing me again, backing me slowly but inexorably towards the bedroom.

We travelled the length of the kitchen, stripping off clothes as we went. My jeans hit the floor somewhere around where the table sat, and his came off in the doorway of his bedroom. We were both barefoot and clothed solely in underwear – I in my leopard-print thong and he in plaid boxers – by the time we bumped into the bed itself, and even those were barely kept on.

In prior make-out sessions and even that one alone, I’d be unable to discern what it was he had between his legs. I think that’s one of the greatest joys – and, all-too-frequently, disappointments – of the sex act. Well, lemme tell you, there was absolutely no way I was disappointed with what I discovered that evening. This boy was packing, and my mouth started to salivate at the thought of getting my lips around him.

I love to give head, and I’m pretty good at it; at least, I’ve had no complaints yet… usually just praised gasped out every time I’ve had someone’s favourite member in my mouth. Wanting to give this boy a chance to experience all that I had to offer, I pulled his boxers off with both hands and knelt immediately in front of him.

His cock was long and thick, and I could barely get my hand around it. I’d always read of encounters such as those, and I’d always been somewhat sceptical that cocks that large around existed. I’d certainly never stumbled upon one myself, although I’d always hoped to.

I kept my hand wrapped around the base of his cock and set to teasing his head and shaft with my lips and tongue. I started out by swirling my tongue around just the head of his cock, and seeing how he reacted to that. I wasn’t disappointed; his hands tightened a bit on my shoulders, and he spread his feet slightly to better balance himself. For a few minutes I amused myself by licking up and down the sides and base of his shaft, getting as much of his cock as I could reach nice and wet.

Once I felt satisfied that he was fairly well-lubed – and he seemed teased enough – I took his head once more between my lips and slowly slid my mouth as far down his cock as I could reach, my tongue lightly licking and rubbing against him from inside my mouth. I opened my eyes and looked up in time to see him tip his head back as he groaned from deep in his throat.

I slid my mouth up and down his shaft, twisting my head slightly from side to side as I laved my tongue against him and held on to the base of his shaft in my right hand. As he moaned and spoke words of encouragement, my left hand came up to lightly stroke and fondle his balls.

I kept up my gentle assault for a few minutes before he came out of his stupor and reached down to grip my arms. Pulling me up to stand in front of him, he hurriedly stripped off my thong and tossed it to the ground, before picking me up in his arms and placing me tenderly on the bed.

He leaned over me and began to gently assault my nipples with his lips and tongue. I moaned and arched my back towards him, and his right hand slid down my side to rest along my thigh. The whole time I was twisting and moaning from what his mouth was up to, his hand was sliding further and further up my thigh. Mentally I was encouraging him and trying to arch my hips to speed the process, but he seemed determined to drive me out of my mind.

One finger finally stole inside of me, where I was almost – almost – embarrassed at how wet I had gotten without any real attention. On the other hand, I wanted this so much I just didn’t care, and when he started sliding his finger back and forth, pressing upward on that one perfect spot inside of me, I really didn’t care. “Oh God,” I groaned, and he moaned in reply. “You’re so tight,” he said, “that drives me insane.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, “but that just tends to happen when I’m really turned on.” I was having trouble concentrating too closely on our conversation, such as it was, mainly because I was much more interested in the expression of absolute lust on his face and the fantastic sensations his hands were causing.

I could feel nerve endings all over my body responding to what he was doing, and part of me wanted it to go on forever and the other part of me wanted him to put to use what I’d been playing with just short moments before. As these thoughts warred inside my head, he took my right leg and placed it over his shoulder as he bent down to bring his mouth into contact with my wet self.

He slid his finger out of me and placed both hands beneath my butt, bringing it up into closer contact with his mouth as he began to lick lightly at my lips. While normally I absolutely adore to be teased, at a time like this I’m too far gone to really appreciate it, and he seemed to sense that; his tongue found my clit immediately and set up a light lapping rhythm that seemed perfectly suited to getting me off.

I was soon to discover, however, that I had judged too quickly when I thought he wasn’t going to tease me. It seemed as if every time I was really adjusted to his rhythm and pressure and felt like I was on that road to an orgasm, he’d stop teasing at my clit and lick between my lips or press his tongue into me slightly. I kept gasping his name and clenching fistfuls of the bedsheets around me, determined not to beg, but managing to growl my displeasure every time he changed what he was doing.

After about the fifth time this happened, I lost it. I reached down to grab his face and lifted myself up slightly to look at him. “Are you doing this on purpose to drive me insane?” I growled, mock glaring at him.

“Of course,” he said, grinning up at me. “What’s wrong, you’re not having fun?”

I tugged at his shoulders to bring his body up and aligned with mine. He obliged, and feeling his hard cock pressing against my thigh gave me an idea for revenge. I reached over to the bedstand to grab a conveniently-located condom and tore the package open with my teeth.

While I was occupying myself with the business of opening the package and figuring out which way was up, he started to toy with the blunt tip of one large finger and my vulnerable clit. I could feel my eyes cross slightly and my breathing started to quicken as I got into what he was doing, but I caught myself and finally rolled the condom down the length of his cock – and I have to remind you, it was quite an impressive length and width.

Thus protected, I pushed him until he was lying on his back, propped up against the pillows that had remained against the headboard. Swinging one leg over his hips, I reached down to align his cock with my entrance and braced my hands against his chest. I leaned down to kiss him as I ever so slowly lowered myself about an inch before back off again. Keeping up the kissing and probing with my tongue, I repeated my previous actions, lowering myself perhaps two inches this time before I slowly slid back up again.

I could feel his hips arching beneath me and his hands were tightening on my hips, but I refused to be rushed. If he could torture me so deliciously, why couldn’t I do the same to him? I kept raising and lowering myself in tantalizing increments, always adding about an inch or so each time to my descent before raising myself once more. After several minutes of this, where we still weren’t completely joined, he lost control.

Holding me to his chest, he rolled over so that I was on the bottom, and he braced himself on his hands above me. “I have to fuck you,” he said, and grinning impishly, I asked him what was keeping him so long. He narrowed his eyes at me and growled slightly before he replied, “You,” and with the emphasis he put on the word I knew it was both an answer and a complaint.

I brought my legs up so they were bent around his hips, and he started fucking me. Each thrust touched something inside of me that felt so incredible and so teasing at the same time that I wanted to beg him to go on and at the same time beg him to stop – or at least stop teasing me. I could feel a pressure of sorts building inside of me, and my breathing and vocal cords seemed to belong to someone else; all of a sudden, something inside of me exploded and I was yelling at the top of my lungs, calling out his name, cursing, calling to God… any words I could find to express how good I felt and how amazing the whole experience was.

The more he thrust, the louder I was and the better I felt, until with a groan loud enough to rival some of mine, he came and thrust hard against me a final few times. He collapsed on top of me, still buried deep inside of me, and I could feel the aftershocks pulsing through both of us. Every time I twitched, it seemed to set him to twitching, and that combined with the memory of the words I’d said and how loud I’d been and the sheer bliss of feeling so good set me off, and I started laughing uncontrollably.
I had no real reason as to why I was laughing, but it was a good kind of laugh; I felt fantastic and happy about who I was with and goofy and relaxed and eagerly anticipating the next time… so I laughed and felt happy and good about myself. 
Monday, December 02, 2002
  Yet another writing venture. What can I say? I can't get enough. ;) 
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