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Monday, September 22, 2003
  I think about you constantly. I think about how it feels to touch the hot, smooth skin of your cock, and how I love to feel it against my hands, my thighs, my stomach, my face, my tongue, my lips, my cunt.

The idea of your hard cock, lightly brushing against my wet pussy, just teasing my clit and lips with your head... it drives me wild.

I want to be tied down to the bed, spread-eagled, while you brush my tits with your fingers, avoiding my nipples. They're as hard as they can get, begging for your attention, and everytime you touch my chest, my back arches. I'm whimpering with need, hoping to feel you touch me, but you ignore my poor nipples. They ache with need and with wanting, but still you ignore them.

Your fingers trail down my sides, and I wiggle somewhat as you tickle me. A wicked gleam enters yours eyes, and I pout. You decide to move on to more interesting ventures.

Your fingers continue to trail south, and the muscles in my stomach twitch and jump as you pass over them. My thighs spread as wide as they can against my bonds, and my hips raise to meet your featherlight touch. My pussy is wet in anticipation of your touch, and you have yet to actually touch any of my hot spots.

You trace your fingers over the insides of my thighs, and the muscles there are actually shaking, I'm trying so
desperately to reach you.

You lean down and take my right nipple into your mouth, sucking hard. I gasp and arch hard up off the bed, trying to press as much of me into your mouth as I can. While I'm thus occupied, you slide two fingers deep into my pussy, pressing up hard on my g-spot.

I feel my body simultaneously melt and tense up as my pussy squeezes your massaging fingers. I'm so turned on that it takes you barely any time at all to get me to start the waves of orgasms. Your mouth moves from my nipple to my clit, tonguing it quickly and directly as your fingers continue to rub circles inside of me.

I can feel my clit pulsing and tingling at the same time as my pussy throbs and clenches. Suddenly, I come with a scream. Your fingers continue to massage and thrust into me as I come around your hand and against your mouth.  
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