Porn by a Chick
Tuesday, October 12, 2004
  Tie me up. Tie me down. Dominate me with your body, your will, your actions, your self.

Make me focus entirely on your actions. Overwhelm me with sensations.

Bite my neck, stroke my sides, lightly tease my clit with one wet finger.

Make me strain to meet your touch; make me beg you to stop.

I want to swear, I want to moan, I want to scream your name.

I want you above me, around me, inside me.

I want to think of this night for days to come -- and get wet every time I do.

Are you interested? 
Tired of crappy porn? Want it personalized? Email me and I'll write a story using the names you supply, any special considerations/events, and the setting of your choice. All for a mere $2.00 donation by PayPal.

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