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Sunday, September 28, 2003
  When I think about you, I think about sex.

I think about tying you with your hands above your head, standing up against the wall. I think about teasing your lips with my tongue and my lips, breathing warm air across your mouth and nibbling with my lips, but not quite kissing you.

You grow hungry for the press of my lips against yours, and I can feel your nipples pressing insistently against me, but I deny you.

Your pussy gets wet and heats up, and your clit begins to tingle for the feel of my adept fingers and tongue, but I deny you.

Instead, I spend time tracing my fingers over your chest, feeling the curves of your breasts against my hands. I enjoy the feel of your warm skin, your smooth lines.

I savour the thought of your gasps and moans when I finally do bring you the release you crave, your body straining against the bonds I've placed you under, your body straining for the feel of my warm flesh against yours.

I trace the tip of my finger across the bow of your lips, and your tongue darts out to lick it. I exert just a little bit of pressure against your jaw to open your mouth, and I press my lips to you and slide my tongue deep into your mouth to toy with yours.

We groan in unison as our tongues begin to slide against each other, and your hips churn and grind against me. I press more tightly against you in response, and our breasts press together. The ache in our nipples is finally appeased slightly, and we both rub back and forth to make the rasp even more pronounced.

Breaking away from your mouth, I reach down to take one protruding nipple into my mouth. I play with the ring you have there, and your head falls back as you moan loudly. I tug gently at the ring with my tongue, eliciting an even louder moan from you.

You spread your legs, wordlessly begging me to touch you. I slide my index finger into your mouth as my mouth continues to work at your nipple, and you greedily suck my finger, sliding your tongue all over it.

I slide my finger out of your mouth and switch my attention to your other nipple. You raise up on your toes and gasp as my tongue lightly teases it.

I take my wet finger down to your wet pussy and ever so lightly stroke your lips. I can feel them all swollen already, just waiting for me to bring you pleasure. You gasp and bring one leg up to hook around my hip and bring me closer to you, as you tilt your hips up to make it easier for me to touch you.

I slowly and gently slide my middle finger into your welcoming cunt, and as always I'm amazed at the heat I find there. It feels so good to have my fingers inside of you, and you obviously love it, too. I can feel your pussy muscles clench my finger as you rock your hips back and forth, asking me to fuck you the way you like.

I abandon both of your nipples and drop to my knees before you. The smell of your wet, aroused pussy has been driving me insane the last little while, and I want nothing more than to taste your come on my lips and tongue.

I slide my finger out of you, and you moan in disappointment, but perk up as you realize what I plan to do. With one slow, long sweep of my tongue, I stroke you from your entrance right to your clit, and at the same time I bury two fingers deep inside of you, pressing hard on your g-spot, the way I know you love it.

Your head falls back once more and you moan loudly, so loudly I'm worried they'll hear us in the other room. I have music on beside us, but it's not going to be enough, I'm sure.

My tongue starts to flick your clit quickly and lightly, as my fingers massage your insides. You turn your head to the side and muffle your moans against your arm, but I can still hear you and it's music to my ears.

My pussy clenches in response to every tug you make on my fingers, and I take my other hand down to play with my clit. I use the same rhythm on me that I do on you, and knowing the same stroke works for both of us is hot.

It doesn't take very long before I can tell you're about to come, and so am I. I lick you a little harder and a little faster, at the same time fucking you a little harder with my fingers. Your juices are running down my fingers and my tongue tries desperately to lap up as many of them as I possibly can. You always taste so delicious when you come.

Finally, with a little shriek in the back of your throat, your pussy clenches hard around my fingers, and it's enough to get me off as well. I muffle my moans and gasps in your hot, wet pussy, and slow my fingers down to just barely stimulating you. I use my tongue to stroke your clit and lips lightly, trying to get as much sensation out of you as possible until we both decide we've had enough.

I stand up and kiss you deeply, releasing your hands from their bonds as I do so. You wrap your arms around me tightly and squeeze, kissing me back. You can taste your come on my mouth, and it's enough to get you excited again, thinking of what you'd like to do to me as payback.

As you take me by the hand and lead me over to the bed, I think to myself that this has got to be the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon... although leaving for work is going to be awfully difficult. 
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