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Monday, April 12, 2004
  I want you to push me up against a wall, and hold my arms above my head.

Press my wrists into the wall, and make me wince a little. Press yourself against me, and let me feel you hard against me.

I want your mouth on mine, your tongue in my mouth and toying with mine.

I want to feel your hands on the back of my head, holding me in place for your kiss.

I want you to drag your nails up my thigh, and wrap my leg around your hip while you press yourself against me.

Trace your fingers up my thigh until they're right at the edge of my underwear. Run your fingers ever so lightly over my underwear, then stop.

Pull open my shirt, and run your hand up my stomach to my breasts. Trace the outside edges lightly, make me shiver. Kiss and bite my neck -- hard. Suck my neck, hard. Right across the tendon, or right where my neck meets my shoulder. Suck hard, leave a mark, scrape the edges of your teeth over my neck... make me crazy.

Cup my breasts in your hands, but don't touch my nipples... yet. Make sure that I don't touch you, no matter how much I try or want to -- cuff my hands and hook them above my head, if need be. Better yet, do so, even if it's not entirely necessary.

Keep teasing me, driving me crazy, but still giving me some of what I want. Run your fingers over my tightened nipples, trace the very edges of my pussy lips, rake your nails across my body... give me some, but not all.

Eventually, gradually, quickly, I'll tire of the teasing and need more. Give me your tongue flicking across my nipples, your finger shallowly penetrating me, rubbing my wetness over my clit and lips. Stroke my clit gently while you tease my lips with your finger, barely inside of me, just there. I promise, I'll be going crazy.

Keep up all of the sensations, keep stroking my clit lightly and delicately and focusing on just the smooth slide back and forth and soon enough, I'll explode.

This is when it gets even more fun.

This is when you get to decide if you want me to please you, or if you want to continue to tease and please me. At this point, both would work almost equally well.

Come back and kiss me. Unhook my hands and let me grab your head and hold you to me. All thrusting tongue and moaning and renewed passion. As great as that was, I still want more.

Sit down for a bit, let me kiss and bite your neck and ears. Let me make you moan and hear you pant.

Let me play with your nipples and feel your hands in my hair.

Now stand up. I want to suck you.

Me, on my knees, my hands still cuffed together. I want to tease you the way you were teasing me, but my patience just isn't what it could be. I can tell yours isn't either... which means that I'm going to draw this out as long as I can, if for nothing more than revenge.

I run my hands along your thighs and feel the muscles flex as you adjust your weight. I run my nails lightly up the inside of your thigh and listen to your breath hiss. Your hands are on my head, not pushing, but I can tell what you want. If I couldn't read your body language, the cock standing right in front of my eyes would be hint enough.

I start the way I like to start, by lightly tonguing your balls. I play with the loose skin, and run my tongue all over them, returning to the areas that make you moan before taking them, one at a time, into my mouth. Once I've tired of this, I kiss your thighs and the beautiful tight skin on your lower abdomen before gradually turning my attention to your cock.

I tongue your head quickly and listen to you moan. I run my tongue in one slow, long slide up the underside of your cock, and bring my hand up to hold you in place. I keep licking you with long, slow strokes until your entire cock is nicely slick from my mouth.

Then I make a tight circle of my mouth and slide your cock into my mouth and throat, as far as I can go, with one long, tight smooth stroke. Your breath explodes from your throat, I hear you moan so loudly, and your hands tighten almost painfully in my hair.

I keep sucking you, speeding up to the tempo you like, and your hips are thrusting against my mouth and you're moaning and groaning and telling me how good it feels and how much you love the feel of my mouth on you. I keep this up for a few minutes, until we both decide it's time, and you pull me off your cock and up.

We kiss passionately for a few minutes, teeth hitting one another, tongues fighting, jaws working, before you stop. You pull back to look at me as you reach between my legs and slide one finger deep inside of me. I'm wet from coming and from sucking you, and tight, so very tight from being so turned on. You immediately start playing with my g-spot, hard, just the way I like it, and my eyes roll back in my head and my eyelids close, and my body seems to soften and tighten all at once, and I'm moaning and panting and desperate.

You keep this up for a minute or two, even as I try to open my eyes or ask you to stop or even just lie down. You slide your finger out of me and I open my eyes in time for you to spin me around and bend me over the bed. I spread my legs and feel the head of your cock against my wet, ready pussy, and you work yourself inside of me, agonizingly slowly. Almost immediately I can feel myself on the edge of an orgasm, and from the way I'm moaning you can tell.

I'm standing before you, bent over the bed, my legs spread nice and wide, and I want your cock more than anything right now.

Fuck me, hard. I want to scream. 
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